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Portable Massage Table RESTPRO® VIP OVAL 2 Black


Are you a professional massage therapist who already feels the drawbacks of this profession? Do you often experience back pain while doing the massage? Does your massage couch seem uncomfortable to you? RESTPRO® offers you a special solution – an innovative massage table with ergonomic design, sparing the back and neck of the master: RESTPRO® VIP OVAL 2 Edition!

What are the peculiarities of VIP OVAL 2 Edition massage tables?

  1. The main feature of this massage table is its rounded corners and the recess in the middle of the table, allowing the masseur to approach his client as close as possible and thereby reduce the likelihood of pain in the back and neck.
  2. The filler of VIP tables is 6-centimeter high Hard-Foam, which retains its shape much longer than standard 4-centimeter fillers.
  3. Special high-quality wear-resistant eco leather "Skin-touch" is not only pleasant to the touch, but also more durable than the standard upholstery materials of massage couches.
  4. VIP OVAL 2 massage tables have aluminum-based headrest instead of a usual plastic one, which makes the table extra safe.
  5. Portable design of the table ensures its convenient transportation from one place to another – this is an ideal solution for those masters who periodically change their place of work.
  6. Natural wood guarantees the durability of the table, and the rubber pads on the legs ensure its stability on any surfaces, even during intensive massage.
  7. The adjustable height of the couch gives you the opportunity to create the most convenient conditions for your work.
  8. Soft and stable armrest allows the client to take the most comfortable position during the procedure, which significantly increases its effectiveness.

These improvements, which are being constantly developed by RESTPRO®, not only guarantee additional comfort to you as a professional and your clients, but also will extend the service life of this table significantly. Thanks to its modern design, this qualitative massage equipment will perfectly complement any interior. Forget about the discomfort and pain in your back and neck while working and purchase VIP OVAL 2 – from now on, you will enjoy the massage procedure together with your client!
Massage table package includes: 

  • RESTPRO® Massage Table, carry case, user’s manual.
  • Length 192 cm, 220 cm with face cradle;
  • Width 70 cm, 95 cm with arm support;
  • Height: from 63 to 84 cm;
  • Working weight 250 kgs;
  • Face cradle and arm support;
  • Fold-Up dimensions 95x70x23 cm;
  • Weight 16 kgs.

Portable Massage Table RESTPRO® VIP OVAL 2 Black

189,00 EUR

In stock!

Model VIP
Sections 2
Color Black
Padding thickness 6 cm
Headrest material Aluminum
Weight 16 kg
Form Oval
Size L - 192x70 cm
Material PU leather
Max weight 250 kg
Width 70-95 cm
Length 192-220 cm
Height 63-84 cm