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Foldable Massage Table Couch RESTPRO® ALU 2 (M) Cream


In order to turn a massage parlor into a cozy room where a customer can relax, restore and improve health, two things are necessary: skillful hands of a massage therapist and a professional massage table.   

Salon Massage table RESTPRO® ALU 2 (M) Cream will make an excellent choice. With it any massage specialist will be able to work in comfortable conditions and clients will enjoy the maximum benefit of and great sensations from the procedure. Foldable massage couch table RESTPRO® ALU 2 (M) Cream is professional equipment. Attractive look is combined with multiple functions and practicality. A Massage table can be easily unfolded. Adjustable aluminum legs will allow regulating the height of the equipment according to the height of any massage therapist. Thanks to the foldable construction, in minutes the couch can be turned into a convenient case and in the same way can be easily transformed back.

The weight of the massage table is just 12 kilograms. It means that it is easy to move from place to place or to carry with you. This modification of the equipment will become an ideal option for therapists working from home.

When folded, home massage table has dimensions 91*64*19 cm; and when unfolded, the size is 180*60 cm. The length and the width of the bed can be additionally extended with the help of arm- and head-rests. The covering is made of a soft filling and vinyl that is easy to wash and treat with hygienic solutions. The maximum weight load of the construction is up to 250 kg.

Removable foldable elements, practical black portable case, build quality and a stylish design make the massage couch table irreplaceable for beauty salons, manual therapy rooms, tattoo and SPA salons.

To buy Massage Table RESTPRO® ALU 2 (M) in light cream color means to spend your money reasonably. The table will serve for a long time, giving pleasant impressions to customers and making the professional’s work very comfortable.  


Foldable Massage Table Couch RESTPRO® ALU 2 (M) Cream

129,00 EUR

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Model ALU
Sections 2
Color Cream
Padding thickness 4 cm
Headrest material Aluminum
Weight 12 kg
Form Rectangular
Size M - 180x60 cm
Material PVC
Max weight 250 kg
Width 60-85 cm
Length 180-213 cm
Height 57-78 cm