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Professional pedicure chair with a foot stand and shelves CH-5005

Code: CH-5005

A salon trolley is a convenient and functional piece of furniture that allows professionals to organize their working space in the best way. The CH-5005 model is characterized with a small size, great volume, and suitability for different beauty businesses.

According to its functions, CH-5005 trolley will fit a manicure/pedicure professional and will become a necessary addition to massage procedures.   

Judge for yourself:

  • The item consists of three roomy drawing trays, a soft padded stool and a rotating shelf on a holder. The construction of the model allows quick access to any objects from the trays.
  • Hard frame made from chrome-plated metal and a padded stool, upholstered with good quality synthetic leather can turn the trolley into an additional chair. The shelf has small sideboards and a small stand for a bottle with some liquid.
  • Thanks to plastic wheels, the loaded trolley can be easily moved around by the professional.


  • The salon trolley height is 49 cm.
  • Total height with the shelf is 66 cm.
  • Stool size - 39*27 cm.
  • The model is very light, as all its parts, except for the frame, are made from strong plastic.  

Professional salon equipment in the form of a movable trolley looks really nice and is compatible with any interior style.

It will be the right decision to equip a cosmetologist, a nail professional’s room or a massage specialist’s room with a functional and small-sized cosmetic trolley.


Professional pedicure chair with a foot stand and shelves CH-5005

75,00 EUR

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Kind Trolley
Size 39х27х66 cm
Weight 6 kg