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Wax Heater for Hard Wax

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Every woman dreams of a perfectly smooth body, many of them opt for waxing. It involves mechanical pulling of the hair using wax; the hair is pulled out together with the onion, and with abieg it brings long-lasting effects compared to a traditional shave.Thanks to waxing you can quickly and easily get rid of hair of the whole body! Remember that the day before the procedure you should not use the sauna or solarium. Two weeks before the procedure, you should not shave, because the wax does not 'catch' the short hair.

The heater has smooth temperature regulation; quickly heats the wax and maintains a constant temperature thanks to the lid.The product has a control diode , when it reaches the selected temperature, the diode will inform us about it by switching off; this is a great help. The heater does not require constant monitoring if the wax is already dissolved.

In addition, the kit comes with a lid that ensures that the temperature stays constant and also protects against dirt.There are 3 holes on the lid that ensure that the excess steam is discharged.


  • heater power: 100W
  • voltage: 220-240V; 50-60Hz
  • bowl capacity: 540 ml
  • application: hard wax,  soft wax
  • size: 18x18x3.5cm
  • cable length: 100cm
  • weight: 488 g

Wax Heater for Hard Wax

22,00 EUR

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Kind Wax heater
Power 100 W
Size 18x18x13,5 cm
Weight 0.488 kg
Capacity 540 ml