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RESTPRO® PC91 Black Massage Stool

Code: PC91

Professional ™ is the ideal lightweight multifunctional chair suitable for both massage therapists and tattoo artists. The chair has an aluminum frame, all surfaces are adjustable, which will allow your client to take the most comfortable position for massage of the back, neck and head, and is also ideal for tattooing these parts of the body.

This professional portable massage chair is durable, ergonomic and compact. Designed specifically for professionals. All soft surfaces of the chair are covered with Small Cell ™ foam. Handcrafted using high quality, sustainable materials to ensure comfort throughout even the longest treatments. For the convenience of both the master and the client, the chair has a headrest and a palm rest.


  • Transport and storage bag
  • Adjustable face stand (height and angle);
  • adjustable seat height (3 positions);
  • Adjustable lever height (3 positions);
  • Fully functional chest pillow
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Maximum load: 159 kg
  • Upholstery: Leather, water and oil resistant
  • Packing size: 110x27x55

RESTPRO® PC91 Black Massage Stool

199,00 EUR

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Type Massage stool
Seat Ergonomic
Leg Metal
Color Black