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Hot air sterilizer 300W

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A professional hot air sterilizer for tools is a device used in industries where it is necessary to ensure a high level of sterilization of tools and accessories. This is a commonly used instrument disinfection equipment that uses hot air to kill microorganisms and germs and ensures proper hygiene and, most importantly, safety. 

Thanks to technology using dry air, the device saves time and energy. The dry sterilizer kills microorganisms with hot air, so it does not dull sharp instruments.  It is suitable for disinfecting cosmetic tools and accessories, especially hair scissors and manicure and pedicure tools .

The sterilizer was made with precision and care and from high- quality materials. The center of the device is stainless steel stainless steel , which guarantees long-lasting quality of use. Additionally, to prevent scratches during transport, the metal interior elements are covered with blue protective foil . Remove the foil before first use!

The device has timer up to 60 minutes and temperature regulation from 50 to 220°C . Additionally stay-cool handles and anti-slip feet . 2 LED diodes will inform you when the device is working (green) and when sterilization is completed (red diode and sound signal).


  • White color
  • tool basket: yes
  • power supply: mains
  • timer: yes
  • maximum working time: 60 min
  • power: 300 W
  • temperature range: 50 - 220 °C
  • dimensions: 35 x 20 x 17.5 cm
  • basket dimensions: 24 x 11 x 2.5 cm
  • weight: 2.24 kg; 

Hot air sterilizer 300W

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Kind Sterilizer
Power 300 W
Size 35x20x17.5 cm
Weight 2.200 kg