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Face massage oil Verana Professional, Lavender with Grapefruit 250ml

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Face massage oil Verana Professional «Lavender with Grapefruit» is specially formulated for facial massage and various SPA treatments.  
Massage oil uses special ingredients – essential lavender and grapefruit oils.  
Essential lavender oil possesses unique antibacterial properties, increases skin elasticity, provides rejuvenating effect on sagging skin.
Essential grapefruit oil cleanses the skin from cells that have turned into dead corneum cells, softens the skin and prevents ageing.

Combination of two essential oils and three natural oils  perfectly moisturises facial skin, smooths wrinkles and helps normalize sebaceous glands while relieving skin from excessive shine.
Oil contributes to pore reduction and cell regeneration, soothes the skind and increases its tone, promotes blood circulation, relieves tension and fatigue, soothes the nervous system.

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, Lavender essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil.

Recommended for regenerating, nourishing facial massage and aromatherapy.
Average consumption of massage oil is - 10ml per one sessions body massage.

One bottle of 250ml is on average enough for 25 sessions of massage!
Storage temperature (+ 5 °C /+25 °C). Keep away from direct sunlight and water.

Natural cosmetics! 
Package contents: 250ml.

Face massage oil Verana Professional, Lavender with Grapefruit 250ml

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Volume 250 ml
Kind Massage oil