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After waxing oil Verana PRO-1, 1 liter (without aroma)

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After waxing oil Verana Professional «PRO-1» is developed for the gentle care of all skin areas after various types of waxing, epilation and depilation.
The unique components of the oil after waxing are natural extracts: plantain, chamomile, arnica, aloe, calendula, walnut and lycopody.

The combination of seven types of oil extracts that make up the oil, helps to quickly restore the protective layer of the skin, preventing evaporation of moisture from the skin, has excellent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties that help prevent inflammation after the procedures. The oil has a multifunctional effect on the skin: perfectly soothes and moisturizes the skin, relieves dryness, restores the protective properties of the skin and nourishes it, helps to easily remove wax residues from the skin, helps to slow hair growth.

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, Plantain oil extract, Chamomile oil extract, Arnica oil extract, Aloe oil extract, Calendula oil extract, Walnut oil extract and Lycopodium oil extract.

It is recommended to use in all types of waxing, hair removal and depilation.
The average oil consumption after waxing is 20ml per procedure of all zones.

One bottle of 1 liter on average is enough for 50 procedures in all zones!
Store (+ 5 ºC / + 25 ºC) Protect from sunlight and water.

Natural cosmetic! 
Packing: 1L.

After waxing oil Verana PRO-1, 1 liter (without aroma)

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Volume 1000 ml
Kind After waxing oil