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24W UV / 48 LED nail lamp

Code: 00021253

15 diodes guarantee quick and even curing! In addition, the lamp has a dual wavelength range of 365nm and 405nm. The use of such a solution makes the whole hand or foot is perfectly illuminated, there is no need to lift the fingers .

The lamp has easy-to-read display that turns on automatically when motion is detected – has no buttons. After inserting your hand or foot, it measures up to 99 seconds. The display will make it easier to work and harden nails for a certain amount of time, e.g. when performing various effects. After the procedure is completed and the hand is removed, the lamp will turn off automatically.

The construction of the bridge allows for comfortable use of the lamp for both manicure and pedicure, as well as for regular cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene. In addition, the lamp is light and small what allows you to conveniently carry and transport it. It also has a detachable cord that makes it easy to carry and store the device.

Included in the kit FREE! 10 Hybrid Removal Clips. Thanks to their use, the varnish will easily come off and the nails will remain intact.


  • White color
  • power: 24W
  • number of diodes: 15
  • timer: 99s
  • power supply: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • external dimensions (width/height/length): 21.5/7.5/12cm
  • cord length: 145g
  • lamp weight: 225g
  • set weight with packaging: 425g

24W UV / 48 LED nail lamp

19,95 EUR

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Kind Drying lamp
Power 24 W
Weight 0.300 kg